Baby Bank.

By Rev Paul Murray

At Kinloch Free Church, we are aware that, as well as the ever-present spiritual need, there is a growing temporal need in many homes throughout our community. Although people appear wealthier than they once did, many are highly leveraged by debt and, in these uncertain times, are liable to run into cash flow problems and real need.

In order to meet that need, we have recently opened a baby bank to help families which are financially pressed and unable to buy what they require to meet their child’s need. The bank stocks a wide range of children’s products including nappies, wipes and creams. We also have access to new children’s clothing and larger items such as cots and buggies. In addition to this, a food bank has also been opened which has access to a wide range of essential foodstuffs.

For some, such banks are a part of life. For others, they will only be required in order to get through a tough time. Whatever your own situation, we are only more than happy to help. Be assured that both services are completely confidential. For more information, go to the contact page or contact the manse.

Mother and Toddler Group.

By Amanda Murray

The group begins with a free-play time and this is followed by a Bible-based craft for those who are interested and want to get their hands dirty! The children are given a snack which always includes a healthy option. Parents, at this stage, can sit down and relax with a cuppa and a lovely bit of baking or some other goodies on offer. The group is finished off with a singing session which is very interactive. There is a mix of Bible songs along with other favourite requests from the kids.

All are warmly invited to come along. Whether you’ve been along before or not, it would be lovely to have you at our small group. It’s a very relaxed setting and a nice way for parents and children alike to get to know new faces and make friends.


By Amanda Murray

I would also encourage you to make use of our crèche facility, open during the Sunday morning service. Parents are able to drop their children off in the hall before the service and then pick them up afterwards. Parents are also welcome to stay in the crèche with their children if they feel more comfortable doing so.

The crèche is a fun area where there are a range of toys, from baby toys and equipment to toddler-friendly toys and games. The children are given the opportunity to play, read and colour in. Depending on the number present, they also sometimes have a time of singing. There is a small snack provided which is usually a highlight! All are welcome to come along – it would be lovely to see some new faces.

Sabbath School.

By Angus Mackay

Sabbath School at Kinloch Free Church is a safe and fun filled environment for children to learn about God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Classes are taught in fresh new classrooms that are bright, pleasant and highly visible.

We have a committed group of teachers who take great care of the youngsters year by year, as well as a Liaison Officer who ensures that all legal procedures with regard to child protection are implemented and adhered to.

The youngest children (pre-school and up to P4) are taught by Christina Mackay. This class features lots of crafts for the children to enjoy, such as colouring in, and focuses on the classic Bible stories and simple spiritual concepts. The classes are highly interactive and the children often amaze with their insights and observations – out of the mouth of babes.

The intermediate group (p5 – p7) are taught by Alison Kennedy. In this class the simple Bible concepts learned in the junior class are developed and the children are encouraged to think more deeply and seriously about moral and spiritual questions. The classes help them develop an understanding of the ways in which the Bible answers the deep questions of life.

The senior group, or Bible Class, is for kids attending secondary school and is taught by Angus Mackay. In Bible Class the youngsters learn how to understand different aspects of the Bible more deeply and how these different parts relate to and interpret each other. They also undertake detailed character studies of biblical characters, learning about how these people – their successes and their failures, are highly relevant to our own lives today. The skills learned in this class should help them in relation to other aspects of education as well as learning the Bible itself.

If you’re visiting the district, please feel free to bring your children to Sabbath School while you enjoy the service in the church. If you live in the district and are unable to attend church but have children that would like to come to Sabbath School, please get in touch and we can make travel arrangements for them.

Kinloch Sabbath School has been a fixture in the community over many decades; it’s the source of countless happy memories for many local grown ups and continues to be a source of blessing to our young people. It’s vibrant environment in which lifelong friendships are built so please bring your children along to enjoy its benefits.