Kinloch Free Church of Scotland has a long history of both supporting needy causes overseas and also producing people that go on to serve in mission fields, both at home and abroad.

At the present time we have a number of former members of the congregation serving in mission fields in the UK and overseas. Mrs Julia Singh is the wife of Rev Gurnam Singh and together they serve the thriving cosmopolitan reformed congregation in the city of Limassol on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Before meeting Mr Singh, Julia worked with the Asian Outreach programme in Glasgow. The Singhs are treasured visitors to Kinloch every summer.

Mr Roddy Macleod is a former Queens Own Highlander  and Deacon at Kinloch who currently serves as a Scripture Reader with SASRA.  After service in the first Gulf War, Roddy left the army and became a Christian and then a Deacon in the congregation. After a time though he felt called to serve the Lord in a full time capacity and committed to serving his fellow soldiers. He serves the Fort Augustus barracks and is based in Inverness. He is married to Har Yong Macleod and they have two children.

Christine Macdonald is a former member of Kinloch who, along with her husband Don, has established the famous Old Macdonald’s Farm in Zambia, which featured in a BBC documentary film in 2013. Old Macdonald’s farm is a wonderful orphanage which has given a home, education, hope and a future too many young people. Christine and Don have two grown up children.

Roseann Macleod is a current member in Kinloch who has worked extensively in West Africa with The Gambia Partnership. Focused on the village of Kabakel on the south side of the great Gambia River, the charity has helped many children through education, has helped adults establish sustainable businesses and has now built its first school in the village.

Women For Mission.

Kinloch Women For Mission (WfM) meets on the third Tuesday of each month in Kinloch Free Church hall at 7.30pm. The meetings are relaxed and informal and are open to women of all ages in the community. They provide a great opportunity for women to meet informally together on a regular basis, making new friendships and developing old ones.

The meetings take different forms. Sometimes there will be a talk from a guest speaker who is involved in mission work or has a particularly inspirational story to tell. Sometimes however the meetings are more “hands on” and involve trying your hand at a craft based skill, ranging from photography to baking and upholstery. All good fun!

Kinloch WfM also organises fund-raising events such as light lunches, bake sales and bring and buy. The money raised goes to the Women for Mission projects or to projects in which local people are involved.