Rev Paul Murray

Welcome to the website of Kinloch Free Church! I hope you can find all the information that you are looking for while on our site. However, if you are looking for any more information, or want a chat, please get in touch with me (see details on contact page).

My own background is in the construction industry, where I happily worked in the family business in Stornoway for a number of years. However, having become a Christian at 17, many years later I felt a call from God to become a minister of the gospel. In order to pursue that, I moved, with my wife Amanda and then only-daughter Mairi-Belle, to Edinburgh where I studied theology at Edinburgh Theological Seminary for three years.

In 2017, I took up my first ministerial charge at Kinloch Free Church and myself, Amanda, Mairi-Belle and Edinburgh-born Eilidh-Ceit moved back to the Isle of Lewis. Since then, Alasdair Iain has been added to the fray!

As minister, although my role is varied, my work is divided into two main sections. My first duty is, as the Apostle Paul commanded Timothy, to ‘preach the Word.’ (2 Timothy 4:2) Much of my week, therefore, is spent studying the Bible and preparing to preach parts of it on the Lord’s Day and midweek.

I do this because I firmly believe that the Bible, being the word of a living and interested God, is relevant to every single one of us. It addresses the great issues of life and the great issues of the day; it is, without doubt, completely up to date. The Bible tackles the problems of this world by tackling the primary factor which causes these problems – myself and yourself! The Bible tells us in black and white that which we already know – that we are sinners; that we have a heart problem which causes us to neglect our Maker and to misuse both ourselves and others.

Scripture tackles that extraordinary problem with an extraordinary message – that God has sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to die for sinners so that, through faith in this Son, sinners might be reconciled to Him. Throughout the ages, people’s lives have been powerfully altered by the peace that God gives men and women with Himself and in Himself. I believe that God, in His Word, powerfully changed me and, if you believe, I am just as certain that He will powerfully change you too.

The other main aspect of my work is minister is pastoral. It is my duty to visit every home connected to the congregation. Those who are suffering from illness, bereavement, or other trials, I visit more regularly. As well as those connected to my own congregation, however, I also try to visit those who have no Church connection at all. Given my conviction that the Bible is relevant to every one of us, I try to reach every home in Kinloch to get to know the people and to invite them to Church. So, if you live in Kinloch and have not seen me yet, you will hopefully see me soon!

The other side of my pastoral work takes place in our home (beside the Church!) and is shared with Amanda, my wife. Our door is always open and we invite people to come in and see us, whether just for a coffee and a chat, or with a more pressing concern. Whoever you are, and whatever your Church affiliation (or lack thereof!), please come and visit us. You can be assured of a warm welcome and possibly a warm scone!