Worship times.

Normal weekly worship times at Kinloch Free Church of Scotland are as follows:

  • Sabbath Morning: 12.00
  • Sabbath Evening: 18.00
  • Thursday Prayer Meeting: 19.30
  • Saturday Prayer Meeting: 19.00

At the moment however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are not meeting for public worship, please watch the blog for details of when public worship will resume. In the meantime our  teaching output can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud via the sermons page and our prayer meeting takes place via Zoom. If you wish to be a part of that, please get in touch via the contacts page.

Our worship is governed by biblical principles.

Rev Paul Murray

There are many things that a Church does and that a Church ought to do. At the top of the priority list, however, is worship. We worship God because, as the Psalmist said, He is ‘worthy to be praised.’ (Psalm 18:3) He is the One who has created us and who continues to sustain us day by day. All that we have, we have from His hand. He is King of kings and Lord of lords, the Saviour and Redeemer of all who put their faith in Him through Christ. Unlike us, He is pure and perfect, holy and without sin. It is, therefore, our duty as men and women, whoever we are, to come and worship God. That’s why the Bible commends worship to all people (Psalm 100:1).

Our services are quite formal, with the singing of Psalms, prayers, reading of the Bible, and preaching. The whole service lasts for just over an hour. The upside of a formal Church service is that you won’t be asked to speak or to do anything! It is a good place, therefore, to sit and to contemplate what God is saying to you personally, as well as to us corporately, from His living Word. Bibles and Psalm books will be handed to you on your way in and you can sing if you so wish. The Church building has recently been renovated and is very bright, comfortable and fit for purpose.

We have two English services every Lord’s Day (Sunday), at 12 noon and 6pm. Both services are identical in format, although not in substance; the only difference being that the Sunday School and crèche meet during the 12 noon service. There are Gaelic services at 10.30am, usually every second week (see intimations), although not at holiday time. We also have a midweek meeting which meets at 7.30pm on Thursdays. The format is basically the same as on a Sunday apart from that two men who are committed members of the congregation will be asked to pray. Don’t worry; you won’t be asked to pray if you’re not a member in the Church!

As relative new-comers to the congregation, ourselves, we have found Kinloch Free Church to be very friendly and welcoming. I am sure that you will have the same experience. Please do come along. We look forward to meeting you!